Simulated Patient Exam

• What is the Simulated Patient Exam?

The Simulated Patient Exam is a simulated patient encounter that will be scheduled in advance with the candidate and will be done remotely using a computer application called Zoom (similar to Facetime or Skype). Zoom is a widely used free application that will easily run on any computer. Your computer needs to have a camera. You will also need access to a speaker phone in order to participate (alternatively, if your computer has a microphone, you can use that as well as your audio). The candidate can participate in this exam from any location where he/she can have privacy and quiet.

At the start time for the session, the candidate will be presented with the text of a referral that mimics the kinds of referral a chaplain tends to receive in normal practice. The referral will be for a situation that requires an immediate visit. A couple minutes later, the client, who might be a patient or a caregiver, will join the call, and the chaplain will commence the encounter (visit) as he/she normally would. The client will be played by a professional actor who has thoroughly studied extensive information about the person he/she is portraying. The candidate will have 20 minutes for the encounter. Within 30 minutes of the close of the encounter, the candidate will submit a chart note on the encounter using the criteria on the scoring sheet. The encounter will be scored by the simulated patient and by two or three senior chaplains.


• How do I get scheduled to take the Exam?

After your application and documents have been accepted, you will receive an email from an SCA Certification Administrator with several dates to choose from to be scheduled to take the exam. You must select one of these dates. Failure to select a date within the 6-month period will constitute a failed exam. Likewise, a no-show during your exam date will also constitute a failed exam.

• When do I get notified if I passed/failed the Exam?

Candidates will be notified by email as to whether they pass the exam or not, normally within a couple weeks. Those who do not pass will be automatically sent a copy of the reviewer’s comments. Any candidate who passes the exam and wants a copy of the reviewer’s comments can request them by email.


• What happens if I fail the Exam?

If you fail the Exam, you will be allowed to re-take the exam; however there will be a fee of $100. To re-take the exam, you will also be given up to three dates to choose from. You will have to choose from one of the dates offered. Failure to show-up for a scheduled exam will be considered a failed exam and the re-take fee will apply.


• Does it matter which I do first: the test or the exam?

No. You need to complete both successfully with the 6-month timeline, but it does not matter in which order.