Crisis, Trauma, and First Response Certificate Course for Spiritual Care Generalists

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Crisis, Trauma, and First Response Certificate Course for Spiritual Care Generalists

Course Author:
The Rev. Sue Wintz, M.Div., BCC

The Rev. William R. Greaver
The Rev. Marcos A. Miranda



Course Description:

This course provides the basic knowledge needed to work as a non-credentialed or non-board certified professional chaplain or chaplain volunteer within a first response team. Its purpose is to inform participants of the basic skills and knowledge needed in order to respond to those people who have been impacted by an emergency or a disaster.


Learning Objectives include:

  • Describe the training and role of a spiritual care generalist
  • Explain the meaning of spirituality, religion, existential beliefs, and those who identify as "none"
  • Define a spiritual screen and what it is composed of
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of documentation of a spiritual screen
  • Identify methods to obtain and employ knowledge of common beliefs and practices of unfamiliar cultures, religious/spiritual beliefs, or existential norms
  • Identify the issues of spiritual distress often experienced by those of different cultural backgrounds and/or vulnerable populations and appropriate generalist spiritual care
  • Define and describe effective verbal and non-verbal communication practices and skills
  • Articulate the important components of a spiritual care conversation
  • Describe the process of Psychological First Aid
  • Summarize varying cultural practices relating to the end of life and the spiritual care generalist's role in supporting persons, families, and the first response team
  • Define and differentiate the following concepts: grief, mourning, bereavement, anticipatory grief, complicated grief, disenfranchised grief
  • Understand the ways that grieving is experienced and expressed at varied points within the life cycle
  • Demonstrate sensitivities to the varied losses persons may experience such as the loss of a parent, spouse/partner, child, or sibling, as well as losses that may be disenfranchised by the larger community
  • Explain the phases of a disaster and the emotional and spiritual responses persons may experience
  • Describe the typical roles and responsibilities of first response team members including that of a spiritual care generalists
  • Explain emotional resilience and its components



  1. Professional Chaplains, Certificate Chaplains, Spiritual Care Generalists, and Spiritual Care of Persons
  2. Cultural Competence, Inclusion, and Vulnerable Populations
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Counseling Skills
  5. Dying and Death
  6. Grief, Loss, and Bereavement
  7. Emergency and Disaster Incidents
  8. First Response Specific Issues