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November 13, 2019

Chaplaincy Articles: How to Find, Read, and Apply Them


Wednesday, November 13, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST

Evidence-based best practice is what is supposed to guide all aspects of healthcare. When it comes to chaplaincy and spiritual care, there is an explosion of growth in relevant articles that can and should inform our daily practice as spiritual care specialists.

This workshop discusses why it is important to consistently be looking for articles, how to go about those searches, and what to do when you have found some articles that seem relevant to your practice.


Danielle Buhuro

September 18, 2019

Danielle Buhuro, DMin, BCC, ACPE

SAFE-ing Black Patients Matters: How Chaplains Can Utilize the SAFER-R Model to Limit Code Grey and Public Safety Calls on African American Patients and Families

This presentation will show how chaplains can build trust with medical staff and employ the SAFE-R Model as a pastoral intervention to lessen Public Safety and Code Grey calls specifically on African American patients and families.

Ben Janzen

August 14, 2019

Ben Janzen, Dr. Theol, Ph.D., APBCC

Superheroes to the Rescue!

Joseph Campbell states in his Power of Myth that the mythologies of modern culture are found in pop culture. The Hero with a thousand faces today is the Superhero with a thousand faces fighting evil in all forms. Many patients find comfort in telling, reading or experiencing superhero stories. Window cleaners who dress up as superheroes when they work on a Children’s hospital put a smile on the face of terminally ill children. In addition, Science Fiction Movies make up more than 1/3 of the best-selling movies in this decade. Increasingly, today's culture uses Superhero stories as a frame of reference (sacred texts).
The presentation will demonstrate the power of superhero stories as tools for meaning making. It will introduce two of the mythologies from fantasy and science fiction and illustrate how these help patients in their struggle to find meaning.

Miriam Berkowitz

July 17, 2019

Rabbi Miriam Berkowitz, BCC

Pastoral Care In Israel

A brief overview of pastoral care in Israel (similarities and differences with USA; brief history and trends) plus (since one of the distinctive facets is a focus on texts, both for the caregiver's own enrichment and as a tool to use with patients and families), a text study on Elisha and the Oil: Finding Resources Within - II Kings Chapter 4

James Parker

May 8, 2019

James Parker, Ed.D, MDiv.

Self-Compassion: A Key Element of Self-Care for Clinical Chaplains

How can clinical chaplains care for others when they are faced with their own personal/professional challenges? It is the primary charge of the clinical chaplain to be present with persons who are engulfed by spiritual suffering affected by the realities that constitute his or her hospitalization. In this way, self-compassion is fundamental to the clinical chaplain who is compelled to demonstrate compassion daily.

Heidi Kraft

Marc. 20, 2019

Heidi Kraft, PhD.

The Watch: Chaos, Crisis and Inner Strength for Faith Leaders

This webinar will cover these topics:

  • Describe the effect of acute or chronic stress or vulnerability on the inner reservoir in caregivers.
  • Discuss the paradox that exists with faith leaders and other caregivers regarding self-care and reliance on others.
  • Explain the importance of watching out for other caregivers and allowing them to care for you in moments of crisis, chaos or change.


Michael Rabow

Marc. 20, 2019

Michael W. Rabow, M.D., FAAHPM

The Current Status, Models, and Future of Outpatient Palliative Care

Dr. Rabow will describe the current status of outpatient palliative care in the United States and consider some of the most important trends in this key area which aligns the health care value patients seek and health systems need.

Cruce Lyons

Feb. 13, 2019

Rev. Richard Cruce, ThM, BCC
Fr. Robert Lyons, MDiv, BCC

"Beyond Pain, Yoga, and the Hollow Smile: Navigating Secondary Trauma and Self-Care with Knowledge and without Guilt.”

Spiritual Caregivers routinely encounter others in moments of pain, struggle, and recovery. In this webinar, the nature and effects of secondary trauma are explored, and practical guidance is offered in developing a plan of self care that speaks to the individual needs of caregivers as they address the stress of life and vicarious traumatization.

Rich Behers

Jan. 23, 2019

Rich Behers, D.Min, BCC, CFHPC.

Sights, Scents, and Sounds: Communicating with People Living with Dementia

If you have been assigned patients with end-stage dementia, you know the challenge of communicating with them. Rich Behers almost gave up on chaplaincy after his first day of visiting patients with dementia in a long-term facility. What we will explore is a method that is proven to enhance communication with this population of patients. Also, Rich will share with you an exciting research project launching in January of 2019.