Understanding CMS Codes for Clinical Chaplaincy

Course Author: Charles James Parker, MDiv, EdD, APBCC-HPC

This self-guided course, Understanding CMS Codes for Clinical Chaplaincy, is guidance for chaplains and chaplaincy managers seeking to understand and implement the CMS chaplain services codes. The course will provide an overview of all pertinent issues with links to more in-depth education available at the SCA’s extensive Learning Center. The course can be completed in approximately 10 hours of study. A certificate of completion can be obtained upon successful completion.
Learning Objectives

By the end of this course the learner will be able to:

  • Define HCPCS Codes, obtain specific user information, code descriptions, and the importance of documentation.
  • Describe each of the Q Codes, required elements of documentation and suggested implementations.
  • Recognize definitions and consideration applicable to the HCPCS Codes
Course Outline
  1. Overview of HCPCS Codes
  2. Q9001 – Assessment by chaplain services
  3. Q9002 – Counseling, individual, by chaplain services
  4. Q9003 – Counseling, group, by chaplain services
  5. Definitions & Considerations
  6. Summary
Number of Continuing Education Hours: 10
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