First Responder Manual

1. Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum: Participant Guide 2019 Revision

Drawing on national expertise in the fields of first response, emergency, and disaster chaplaincy and volunteer management, this manual is a resource to train individuals in a number of key areas. This 145-page printed manual includes a range of teaching tools and learning activities to ensure that all learning styles are accommodated. It can be used with large or small groups to enhance the development of skills and the provision of first response spiritual care.

Price: $65

Crisis, Trauma, and First Response Certificate

The Crisis, Trauma, and First Response Certificate Course for Chaplains provides the basic and fundamental skills and knowledge needed in order to provide chaplaincy spiritual care to those people who have been impacted by an emergency, crisis, trauma, or disaster. Not all chaplains working in first response settings are board certified or credentialed. As a result, there has been a vast difference in skills and knowledge across those working in this capacity. First response organizations have called for a more uniform knowledge base of those chaplains who do not hold board certification or credentialing. This course and the resulting certificate fill that gap.

Upon successful completion of this online, self-guided course, you will earn the Crisis, Trauma and First Response Certificate.

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