Westberg Symposium
The Westberg Symposium is the premier gathering of Faith Community Nurses that provides an international platform for nurses who are serving as FCNs or parish nurses in communities around the world. It is held annually at the Caring for the Human Spirit® Conference.

For over 40 years, the Westberg Symposium has brought together the expertise of professionals to provide attendees with an environment that builds knowledge, creates interdisciplinary connections, and inspires innovative delivery of spiritual care. In an increasingly diverse world, the future of faith community nursing is bright and full of hope and color as FCNs embrace the differences in humanity that make each individual important and special as they provide customized wholistic healthcare.

The annual Westberg Symposium is the premier gathering of faith community nurses providing a platform to facilitate the exchange of nursing and spiritual care information, ideas, insights from research, and practical tools for those serving in communities around the world.

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