Preparation for the Standardized Clinical Knowledge Test for Board Certification (BCC) and Credentialing (CC)

This course, Preparation for the Standardized Clinical Knowledge Test for Board Certification (BCC) and Credentialed Chaplains (CC), was developed to assist persons to become prepared for the required standardized testing component of the board certification and credentialing processes of the Spiritual Care Association. Learners will be provided with the learning objectives that are at the core of the standardized test questions in order to focus their learning in areas in which they desire more study. Sample questions are provided; however, they are not actual questions from the standardized test. This course is also designed to provide information and knowledge through an overview of the topics within the Quality Indicators and Scope of Practice developed in 2016 by an international, interdisciplinary panel of experts. These two documents served as the foundation of the evidence-based standardized testing of chaplain knowledge for board certification. Additional study resources will be recommended for each of the components of the documents, not only in the text of the course but in the extensive references section at the end.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Name the learning objectives used in the standardized test for board certification and chaplain credentialing.
  • Define evidence-based competency in chaplaincy practice and provide examples.
  • Describe each of the Quality Indicators and the knowledge required to demonstrate an understanding of each.
  • Distinguish the competencies identified in the Scope of Practice and articulate methods by which to integrate them into one’s professional practice.
  • Identify additional book and article resources and ways in which to locate them to increase one’s knowledge in preparation for the standardized certification exam.
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