CSCPF Practitioner Communities

The small group model, as experienced in CPE, offers an ideal environment for the personal and professional formation and development of the chaplain/spiritual care practitioner.  The need for a community of learners on a shared path of mutual growth and development does not end when CPE is over.  Rather, chaplains and other spiritual care practitioners benefit from the small group model as a vital resource for mutual support and professional development throughout their careers.  The CSCPF Practitioner Community model has evolved as a response to the practitioner’s ongoing personal and professional needs beyond the CPE experience. 

CSCPF members organize themselves in small group clusters called practitioner communities.  The essential spirit of these communities is to know others and to be known by others.  Full accountability and confidentiality for both professional practice and personal conduct are assured. The size of the practitioner community will be at the discernment of the community. The practitioner community monitors all individuals’ professional competency and activities and provides consultation and mentorship whenever needed.  These communities are responsible for developing processes congruent with CSCPF standards.  The community will review candidates for certification and assess membership requirements that satisfy CSCPF standards. Practitioner communities will function freely, creatively, and with autonomy while being subject to the collective authority of CSCPF.    


Each practitioner community will function in a manner that responds to the needs of its members. Communities have the following duties and obligations: 

  • To select a leader(s) to oversee the scheduling of community meetings, coordination and general operation of the community, and communication with CSCPF Governance. 
  • To provide support, guidance, accountability, and consultation for its members. 
  • To serve as a consultation committee to learners of connected practitioner communities or learning centers. 
  • To submit an annual community report of practitioner community life to be forwarded to CSCPF Governance. 
  • To maintain CSCPF community dues of $125 annually. SCA members receive a 50% discount. 

To Join a CSCPF Practitioner Community 

  • Join CSCPF as an Individual Member
    • (SCA members receive a 50% discount) 
  • Attend the drop-in Open Door Practitioner Community orientation session (virtual) 
  • Join an existing community or create a new one.
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