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Jeremy Hudson, MA, BCC, on "Out of the Mystery: Education Pulls Nurses Into Spiritual Screening"
(This article appears on page 6 of the Fall 2016/Winter 2017 issue.)


Madeline Leong, M.D., on "Decreasing Burnout in Palliative Care Clinicians"
(This article appears on page 13 of the Fall 2016/Winter 2017 issue.)


Randall Olson, DMin, MDiv, offers a chaplain's perspective on "A Framework for Facilitating Family Meetings"
(This article, written by one of Chaplain Olson's colleagues, appears on page 24 of the Fall 2016/Winter 2017 issue.)


Rev. Kevin Massey, M.Div., BCC, on "The Field Continues to Grow; Welcoming New Spiritual Care Association"
(This article appears on page 5 of the Spring/Summer 2016 issue.)


Rabbi Jason Weiner, BCC, on "The Cedars-Sinai Liaison Model of Spiritual Care: A Jewish Hospital Considers its Past to Move Into the Future"
(This article appears on page 8 of the Spring/Summer 2016 issue.)


Jason A. Nieuwsma, Ph.D., on "New Depression Screening Guidelines: Implications for Health Care Chaplains"
(This article appears on page 33 of the Spring/Summer 2016 issue.)


Rev. Paul Nash on “Interpretive Spiritual Encounters Offer Children Space to Explore Spiritual Needs”
(This article appears on page 23 of the Fall 2015/Winter 2016 issue.)


Anne Vandenhoeck, Ph.D., on "The Future of Chaplaincy in Europe"
(This article appears on page 7 of the Spring/Summer 2015 issue.)


George Fitchett, D.Min., Ph.D., on "Spiritual Care in Practice: Case Studies in Healthcare Chaplaincy"
(This article appears on page 16)


Betty Ferrell, RN, Ph.D., on "Integrating Spirituality Into Palliative Care Education and Research"
(This article appears on page 20)